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Welcome to Angus Rowboats - Kits and Plans for Innovative Designs


Adventurers Julie and Colin Angus have explored more than 40,000 km of the world’s remotest regions using rowboats. They have drawn on this experience to design some of the most practical recreational rowboats on the market. Rowing is not only an excellent low-impact cardiovascular sport , but it is also one of the most tefficient way of propelling a boat through the water. Our recreational rowing sculls are designed to be fast, seaworthy, and capable for multi-day exploration. Angus Rowboats provides kits and plans so you can construct your own high-quality recreational rowing scull at minimal cost.


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Strategies for Race to Alaska It’s less than three months until the start of Race to Alaska.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be ramping up the....Mar 30, 2016 

Plans/Manual for Sailing RowCruiser Now Available We'd hoped to have the plans available for the sailing RowCruiser months ago, but it's been a long process. The sailing rig is....Mar 03 , 2016 

A Speed Comparison of Kayaks, Rowboats, Canoes, SUPs and Pedal Boats I'm often asked what is the fastest type of human powered boat. How do surf skis, SUPs (stand up paddle....Dec 03, 2015 

About our R2AK 2016 Attempt Race to Alaska is a 1200 km boat race from Port Townsend, Washington to KetchiKan Alaska...Oct 25 , 2015 

RowCruiser Build Workshop For those interested in attending our RowCruiser workshop, you can find out more informration...Aug 14, 2015 

Everything You Need to Know About Installing a Sliding Seat Rowing System Sliding Seat Rowing is an efficient way of propelling a boat while providing a fantastic full body workout...July 14, 2015 

About our Sailing RowCruiser Part of the motivation behind our efforts to design the sailing version of our RowCruiser came...June 4, 2015 

Developing the RowCruiser Sailng Rig Interest in our RowCruiser is quickly growing, and there are now a few dozen currently being built...Feb. 27, 2015 

R2AK - Race to Alaska - Who will win? With the upcoming R2AK challenge, there has been a lot of speculation as to what types of boats will be entered, and potential speeds and finishing times....Jan. 20, 2015 




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