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Angus Rowboats Ltd. is founded by husband and wife team Julie and Colin Angus. Collectively the duo has rowed more than 40,000 km in a variety of oar-powered craft on oceans, rivers and lakes and were jointly named National Geographic's 2007 Adventurer of the Year. Recently Julie Angus made history by becoming the first woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean from mainland to mainland. Colin is the first to row across the Bering Sea from Alaska to Siberia, and he has also voyaged by oar down the length of the Amazon and Yenisey Rivers.

Rowing craft have always been the vessels of choice for these National Geographic adventurers because of their efficiency and versatility. Due to the limited availability of touring rowboats on the market, it has been necessary for Julie and Colin to design and build many of the boats used on their expeditions. Julie and Colin Angus have drawn on their decades of experience to design the ideal rowing sculls for exercise and touring. Angus Rowboats provides these vessels in kit form so everyone can get into the sport of rowing at a modest price. To learn more about Julie and Colin's expeditions or their bestselling books, please visit



julie portraitJulie Angus is the first and only woman to row across the Atlantic Ocean from mainland to mainland. During the worst hurricane season in history, she spent 5 months rowing unsupported across 10,000 km of unforgiving seas. Throughout this challenge, she rowed through 4 cyclones, encountered great white sharks, and fished for survival. Julie is a molecular biologist, adventurer, writer, filmmaker, and motivational speaker. She has two undergraduate degrees with honours from McMaster University (Biology and Psychology) and a graduate degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Victoria. She has written for publications includingThe Globe & Mail, National Post and enRoute. Her photography has appeared in Outside Magazine, Explore Magazine, Reader's Digest, National Geographic Adventure and The Guardian, among others. Julie's book Rowboat in a Hurricane is a national bestseller and her newest book Rowed Trip is just out.



colin picColin Angus completed the first human-powered circumnavigation of the world when in 2006 he cycled into Vancouver after 43,000 km of travel. Over two years he rowed across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and trekked and cycled through 16 countries. Colin has made a career exploring remote parts of the world and sharing his adventures through bestselling books, films and presentations. His work is published in numerous publications including the Globe and Mail, Reader's Digest and Cruising World. Outside Magazine listed Colin as one of the top 25 "bold visionaries with world changing dreams" for his work in promoting lifestyle changes to help the environment. Colin and Julie continue their efforts in promoting zero-emissions transportation as a healthy way to maintain a healthy world.




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