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expedition model rowboat
Expedition Model Rowboat

Expedition Rowboat

This is our flagship model. It is seaworthy, fast (can sprint over 13 km/hr), comfortable and is capable of carrying supplies for a month-long unsupported expedition. The decked hull keeps water out in rough weather and it tracks well in all conditions. This is the vessel that we used in a 7000-km-journey from the north of Scotland to Syria. These boats can be joined in catamaran formation creating a stable platform in the middle (catamaran kits will be available separately). Find out more.

Length: 5.49 m (18’)

Weight: 38.5 kg (85 lbs)



Cambridge Racer
Cambridge Racer

Cambridge Racer

The Cambridge Racer is a performance rowing shell designed specifically for speed. It is fastest in calm conditions, however, is shaped to perform well in open water conditions for advanced rowers. Attributes that allow this rowing shell to move easily through the water include a long waterline length, narrow beam, minimal wetted area (through strategic shaping and a rounder hull with six panels), light weight and low windage. Find out more.

Length: 7.09 m (23' 3")

Weight: 17.2 kg (38 lbs)



Cambridge Racer
Cruising Rowboat


The Cruising Rowboat offers comfortable, 100% weathertight sleeping accommodation along with exceptional performance. This boat is ideal for the long-distance rower who doesn't want to struggle setting up camp each night. At the end of a long day exploring, simply drop the anchor in a sheltered cove and your accomodation awaits. This unique vessel will turn heads wherever you go. Find out more.

Length: 5.7 m (19")

Weight: 67.2 kg (148 lbs)



oxford wherry
Oxford Wherry 16

Oxford Wherry 16

For those looking for classic wooden beauty combined with modern performance and functionality, this is the boat for you.  Weighing only 53 lbs, this boat is fast, seaworthy and can be used as a multi-day touring craft, a family boat, an exercise tool or a decoration for your property.  It can be set up for fixed or sliding seat rowing, or even paddled as a canoe.  Three adults can comfortably be accommodated. The hull is shaped for stability and speed while flotation chambers provide additional safety.  Gunwales and trim are true mahogany and the seats are made from western red cedar.  Gorgeous! Find out more.

Length: 15' 10 "

Weight: 53 lbs



Sliding Seat and Rigger
Sliding Seat and Rigger System

Sliding Seat and Rigger System

We’ve designed a simple and robust rowing system that’s half the cost and weight of standard drop-in units. This system has been tested in our own boats for more 10,000 miles without failure. Our kits include high quality components, stainless hardware, plans and manual. Plans/manual can be ordered separately for those wishing to use third-party components and hardware.  Find out more.





wooden oars
Hollow Shaft Wooden Sculling Oars

Hollow Shaft Wooden Sculling Oars

We sell plans and partial kits to construct your own hollow shaft sculling oars. These oars are an economical and gorgeous alternative to fiberglass/carbon oars. Find out more.








wooden oars
Sailing Rig for RowCruiser

Sailing Rig for RowCruiser

We sell plans for an add-on sailing rig to add to the versatility of our popular RowCruiser vessel. This trimaran setup has been carefully designed so the sliding seat rowing system is not impeded by the amas (outriggers) or the sailing rig. Find out more.